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About Four Tier Software

Your Source for Title Insurance Tools and Applications

Developers at Four Tier Software have been producing productivity tools for ET Investments since 2011 – now their expertise and tools are available to enhance your business!


Four Tier Software is a company focused on the value of the individual – internal and external to our organization. We center our efforts on the next right step and believe in the knowledge that this order of priorities will lead us to success.

With Honesty and Integrity, we make and keep commitments and take ownership of all of our actions and efforts.


We Understand and Respect that each of us have been created equally; we value each other’s diversity and opinions and seek to do our best in helping each other in the pursuit of their goals and dreams.


We embrace the idiom that Hard Work will win when wishy, washy wishing won’t!


With the foundation of honesty, integrity, respect, and hard work, Producing Products of Value for others is our core value; enhancing the lives of our customers through value-added products brings the ultimate satisfaction of a job well done!

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