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Dynamic and completely configurable calculators which revolutionize how rates and fees are maintained!

REProTool CalculaTR helps you grow your business by providing flexible, dynamic, and accurate calculators to your customers! The challenges of maintaining your rates and fees are eliminated and calculator reports provide co-branding for your Real Estate customers and your Agency!


  • Agency Configurable Rates and Fees

    • All rates and fees can now be determined by any delineator meaningful to your Agency (e.g. branch, city, HOA, etc) Delineators are not hardwired into the calculators!

  • Dynamic Net Sheet and Loan Estimation Calculators

    • Calculators dynamically pull in rates and fees based on selected delineators. Change the delineators and dynamically change the calculations!

  • Private Labeling and Co-Branding

    • Calculator reports will automatically be co-branded with a user’s logo and information coupled with your Agency’s logo and information. The calculator main screen will also show your Agency logo.

  • Website and Mobile Access

    • Agency and Real Estate Professionals have both website and mobile access to CalculaTR!

  • Linkage to Assessor Data

    • Automatically fill in several critical calculator fields based on Assessor data for a given property.

REProTool CalculaTR enhances relationships with your customers and grows your business by providing co-branding of calculator reports. CalculaTR significantly reduces input time and increases Net Sheet and Loan Estimation accuracy by providing access to assessor data and dynamically pulling in Agency fees defined by your Agency-specific delineators.

Configurable Rates and Fees

Every Agency and branch are different and CalculaTR enables a simplistic approach to meeting your specific needs! Need to include branch, city or HOA specific fees in your Net Sheet – done! Need to specify fees or rates as a fixed cost, percentage, or based on a rate table – done! Updates can be made anytime by your team or our REProTool support team.

Dynamic Calculators

CalculaTR structure provides the framework and your Agency fee and rate definitions provide the details. Based on user selection of your Agency delineators, calculators dynamically update to reflect these changes; change the delineators and dynamically change the calculations!

Private Labeling and Co-Branding

Helping your Real Estate customers get their name seen is important to attracting new customers and maintaining existing business. Calculator reports will automatically include a broker’s or lender’s logo and information co-branded with your Agency logo and information! Additionally, your Agency’s logo will automatically brand the CalculaTR start screen!

Calculator Access and Maintenance

While calculators can always be accessed through your REProTool website or a mobile responsive web application, REProTool provides script generators to generate the code to easily embed CalculaTR on your Agency website! Additionally, whether calculators are accessed via your Agency website, your REProTool website, or our REProTool mobile responsive web application, administrative changes through the REProTool CalculaTR admin portal update ALL calculator instances!

Access to Assessor Data and Estimate Prorations

When linked to Assessor data from REProTool LocaTR, Net Sheet and Loan Estimation calculator fields can automatically be populated with property location details, current owner information, previous transaction date, prior year taxes paid, and current year tax estimation! Additionally, current year taxes and HOA fees are automatically prorated based on estimated close date.

Additional Calculator Fields

Need additional information, fees or credits not included in your defined fee sheets? No worries! Every calculator section has the ability to add user defined fees and credits in real time. All user defined fees and credit appear on calculator reports.

Time is money! Accuracy is critical! The ability for you and your Real Estate customers to quickly and accurately generate a Net Sheet or Loan Estimation calculation can mean the difference in gaining a new customer (or not). CalculaTR puts the Net Sheet and Loan Estimation productivity tools you need to grow your business at your fingertips! Contact us and experience the difference that CalculaTR can make to your business!

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