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TôRQ … where Ramquest and CCE Productivity Tools Intersect.

Time is money! Spending less time on repetitive tasks allows your team to focus on what is most important – your sales, service, and settlements! TôRQ /tôrk/ is a growing collection of CCE productivity tools which provides the leverage needed to reduce your team’s time on critical and repetitive tasks.

  • Send Documents to FileScan for any GFNo, even if FileScan is not open

    • TôRQ utilities are able to upload documents without having a specific Title Order opened or even having any session of FileScan active; put documents in a different Title Order than the one you are currently working in.

  • Print individual files directly into any Category within FileScan

    • From any application with a print capability, print any portion of or a whole document into any of your Categories within FileScan.

  • Bulk upload files into one or more Categories within FileScan

    • After preparing a group of files for a given order (e.g. Title), upload all files within a given folder into FileScan in a single step – even if you need them to go into various Categories!

The best productivity tools are the simplest ones! TôRQ is a growing suite of CCE productivity tools which provides the leverage to simplify repetitive tasks and reduce the time required to prepare Title Orders for successful closing.

Life Enhancing Utilities

Why do your employees choose to work with you? To do tedious and repetitive work said no employee ever! Our guess is you provide a position where they can focus on what they do the best – meeting new customers, following up with current customers, and helping home owners realize their dreams! Our TôRQ utilities help you create processes to simplify and enhance the lives of your employees – creating an upward spiral of success for them and for your Agency!

Print to FileScan (PTFS)

Print to FileScan simply allows you to print a document directly into any Category in FileScan. Printing internally generated documents (Word, Excel, etc) has been producing ~30 sec/document savings. Being able to print external vendor documents directly into FileScan has been producing a 2-5 min/document savings. Additionally, using PTFS to break a large document into multiple documents has been producing a 1-3 min/document savings.

PTFS Options

PTFS streamlines the process of printing to FileScan by allowing you to control the defaults for GFNo, Description, Category, and Sub-Category. When working in a given order, simply check the “Load Last” checkbox to load the last value that was used so you don’t have to type it in again!

Import to FileScan (ITFS)

When members of your team develop a group of documents while preparing a Title Order for closing, all of these files can be uploaded into FileScan in a single step! Simply collect your documents in a folder named with the Title Order GFNo. All files in this folder will be uploaded into the default Category (e.g. Title) unless you create Category named sub-folders in the GFNo named parent folder. Documents in these sub-folders will automatically be uploaded into the matching Category!

TôRQ is a money and time savings suite of CCE productivity tools which help you produce an enhanced work environment for your employees! Simplify their lives, help them focus on your Agency’s sales, service, and settlements instead of repetitive and time consuming tasks and experience the leverage TôRQ brings to the success of your business!

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