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Assurance of Good Funds for Earnest Money Deposits (EMDs).

RE/ProTool DeposiTR removes the challenges with EMDs which are cancelled or returned within the first few days of a transaction and eliminates the headaches of accepting ACH funds into your Trust Accounts.

  • Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) and eCheck (ACH) EMD Capabilities

    • Enable Consumers to deposit Earnest Money wherever and whenever is best for their circumstances. Additionally, DeposiTR enables a process to assure EMD funds delivered to Agency Trust Accounts are Good Funds.

  • Quality Control

    • DeposiTR Quality Control processes ensure that Title Agencies and their QC representatives know exactly who EMD funds are coming from, which Real Estate Professional is linked to the Consumer, and which Title Agency order it is linked with. Our QC processes facilitate more direct and better communication with Real Estate Brokers.

  • Notifications to all upstream users linked to the EMD Consumer

    • From initial Consumer submittal to deposit in the Agency Trust Account, each EMD is tracked and notifications about its progress are automatically sent to all users who are linked to the Consumer through our discrete RE/ProTool user linkages.

  • Daily reconciliation of received funds

    • Agencies can easily search for EMDs and all of their related information. EMDs never become unassociated or hard to find!

  • RE/ProTool Shared Administration

    • DeposiTR provides a read-only view of all EMDs which are linked to individual users. For example, an admin can see all EMDs for the Agency, but a Real Estate Broker can only see the EMDs for their direct customers.


Dreams do come true and RE/ProTool DeposiTR is the EMD solution to make your dreams a reality! An easy to use, Earnest Money Deposit process which takes the hassle out of returns, wrong accounts, and insufficient funds all while assuring Good Funds to your Trust accounts!

Assurance of Good Funds

Simplifying your life and business! Funds hitting your Trust account are Good Funds! While providing consumer protection, EMD funds deposited through DeposiTR cannot be clawed back from your Trust account!

Multiple EMD Methods

Enabling multiple EMD deposit approaches makes your business more attractive to Real Estate customers. Consumers can use a physical check through our Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) capability or an eCheck if they prefer to submit their EMD fully electronic.

Consumer Access

Making it easy for consumers means additional business to you! DeposiTR is a web responsive application which allows consumers to access it from your Agency website or from an Agency or Realtor provided link. On a mobile device, this link launches DeposiTR in a Progressive Web App – immediate access without downloading an app from an App Store!

Quality Control (QC) Process

Your Agency is in full control of each EMD, streamlining the process of accepting EMDs without many of the headaches you currently experience! Your Agency previews every EMD for correctness and completeness and EMDs are associated with orders within your production system prior to authorizing the deposit. DeposiTR processes eliminate orphaned EMDs hiding in your system!

Automated Notifications

Knowledge is power! Know exactly where every EMD is in the process from consumer submittal to Trust Account deposit and be automatically notified when something happens which blocks a deposit. Realtors are also automatically notified to help facilitate a more seamless communication path between your Agency and your customers.

Daily Reconciliation and Simple Search

Knowing everything about each EMD brings tremendous peace of mind! DeposiTR provides a daily reconciliation report of your EMDs with their current states and statuses. Have a question about a specific EMD? Simply type in its associated order number or unique DeposiTR transaction ID and you will have all the history about the EMD you are looking for at your fingertips!

Dreams are now a reality! RE/ProTool DeposiTR provides your team with an Earnest Money Deposit platform offering multiple deposit solutions to your customers and assures good funds to you! Impossible made possible by another RE/ProTool productivity tool! Contact us and experience the growth DeposiTR can provide for your business!

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