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An All-in-One App Tool Belt for Real Estate Professionals!

REProTool is a Real Estate Professional’s application tool belt, providing the tools Brokers and Lenders need most to streamline and grow their business. Providing efficiency enablers to enhance the services Title Agencies provide to your customers.


  • DeposiTR

    • Secure and simple Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) and eCheck (ACH) options for Earnest Money collection. Warranty of Availability of EMD funds for Title Agencies. Automatic linkage to Title Agency for transaction tracking and includes QC capabilities to link EMD to orders prior to deposit.

  • CalculaTR

    • Extremely dynamic calculators that are tremendously flexible in managing Rates and Fees in Net Sheet and Loan Estimations.

  • LocaTR

    • Simple access to Assessor and property data for 155 million U.S. properties and 99% of the U.S. population!

REProTool provides efficiency enablers to enhance the services your Title Agency uses to attract, maintain and keep customers. Our applications successfully address critical short-comings with related applications in the market place. Learn more! See the potentials! Realize new possibilities!

Sticky Customers

Finding and retaining customers is difficult! REProTool implements sophisticated and unobtrusive linkages between Agencies, your internal users, Real Estate customers, and their consumers. Linkages allow customers to be tracked, retained and re-assigned when internal users leave your agency. Notifications are sent to all applicable users, from consumer to Title Agency Admin, based on these discrete linkages.

Private Labeling/Co-Branding

We empower yours and your Real Estate customer’s activities to advertise the amazing things you do. Title Agency logos are displayed on application launch screens and Real Estate customer co-branding is included on Net Sheet and Loan Estimation calculators and associated reports. Co-branded reports can be sent directly to consumers from within REProTool.

Website and Mobile Access

REProTool simplifies and streamlines your daily efforts! Our applications are easy to get to via website and mobile access points. Would you prefer to host REProTool application launch screens within your Agency website? We have you covered! Our shared REProTool administration capabilities provides simple to use script generators which deliver stress-free tags to include in your website. Now your website has embedded REProTool apps in the blink of an eye without the need for customers to log on to a different website!

Warranty of Availability for Earnest Money Deposits (EMDs)

Stop stressing about keeping up in the market place by accepting ACH EMDs. Those risks are now a thing of the past! REProTool DeposiTR provides Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) and eCheck (ACH) EMD payments which come with the promise that these funds will never be clawed-back from your Trust Account! DeposiTR is your EMD success coach!

Consumer Access to Earnest Money Deposit Capabilities

We make it easy for your Real Estate customer’s customer to deposit their Earnest Money. Consumer access to EMD functionality can be from your website, your REProTool website, or a mobile responsive web application. No need for consumers to download and install an app from an app store! They simply click on a Broker or Title Agency provided link and DeposiTR launches on their mobile device! Secure and simple EMD options to support how Consumers want to submit EMD funds.

Rate and Fee Management for Net Sheet and Loan Estimation Calculators

We listened and have now delivered the most flexible methods to manage your Rates and Fees for Real Estate calculators! Do you need to delineate your fees by transaction type, branch, city, HOA, or something else? If you need it and can define your delineators, your fees become dynamic, based on yours or your customer’s specific needs! Rates change? No need to stress! Rates can be updated by your office staff or our support personnel in a flash! CalculaTR reduces Rate updates from days/weeks to minutes!

Property Assessor Data Access

Helping your customers with accurate and timely data is key to winning new business. REProTool LocaTR provides intuitive and easily accessible Assessor data for an exceptionally high percentage of residential properties across the United States. Additionally, there are direct connections between LocaTR Assessor data and CalculaTR calculators which auto-populate tax and other relevant information to support quick turnaround calculations.

Would you like to get ahead of the competition? Take a look at the REProTool details, give us a call, and get a demonstration! Our evolving Tool Belt of productivity tools will accelerate your business to the next level!

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