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RE/ProTool Shared Administration

Centralized Administration for one or all of the applications in the RE/ProTool tool belt.

Administration within RE/ProTool is built to help you manage any (or all) of the applications you purchase in RE/ProTool’s tool belt.

  • User Management

    • Agency users and their customers are managed on a simple and comprehensive dashboard giving insight across your whole organization!

  • Calculator Management

    • One stop administration for all instances of your calculators on your RE/ProTool website, your Agency website, or your RE/ProTool mobile responsive web application!

  • Earnest Money Deposit Quality Control (QC)

    • A centralized QC dashboard for your Agency where you control who has access to QC the EMDs coming to your Agency!

  • Earnest Money Deposit Reconciliation and EMD Search

    • A global view into every EMD within your Agency or only those linked to a specific user. Realtors also have a read-only-view to check on the status of each EMD sent by their customers (and only their customers)!


Simple and comprehensive administration that will manage the complete RE/ProTool suite of tools or the subset of our applications that are right for your Agency. Administration functions are built with your Agency in mind and designed to eliminate duplication of information and to maximize your ability to make the changes you need without relying on us to make your implementation work correctly!

User Management

A user dashboard gives an Agency the ability to view and manage of all of their customers. Agency users are created and managed from the RE/ProTool dashboard while Real Estate customers self-register for accounts using registration links from Agency users. Consumers do not need to explicitly register to use the Earnest Money Deposit application, but the app still maintains linkages to these users behind the scenes. User accounts created for one application will have access to all RE/ProTool applications an Agency decides to use.

Sticky Customers

All users within RE/ProTool can see all downstream users who are linked to their account. For example, an Agency Sale Rep will see all of the Real Estate customers linked to them, but not the customers of another Sales Rep.  An Agency Admin can also reassign Real Estate customers to a different Agency employee should an employee leave – helping to ensure Agencies keep and service their customers.

Application Specific Admin

When applicable, the RE/ProTool dashboard holds application-specific administration functions for each app in the tool belt. Shared administration injects efficiency into your business processes and creates seamless interactions between powerful RE/ProTool applications!

CalculaTR Administration

Calculator administration is centralized in RE/ProTool to streamline your business processes and to increase your efficiency. This is extremely powerful, especially when instances of an app may run on your RE/ProTool website, your Agency website, and the RE/ProTool mobile responsive web application. For example, a single CalculaTR update to rates or fees will affect all instances!

DesposiTR Quality Control

The RE/ProTool Earnest Money Deposit process includes a mandatory Quality Control process. This process is controlled by each Agency and ensures checks are correct and all EMDs are associated with an existing order. Following the QC process ensures you never have an orphaned EMD and it enables us to provide a Warranty of Availability of EMD funds to your Trust accounts!

RE/ProTool provides the tools and capabilities to manage the apps in your RE/ProTool tool belt to streamline application administration and enable extreme efficiencies for your Agency! Contact us and experience the growth the RE/ProTool tool belt can provide for your business!

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